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We realize that tracking time is a pain in the neck. But, tracking time is important for several reasons:

  1. In order to create accurate estimates for more accurate proposals, we need accurate data from past performance to use as a benchmark.
  2. In order for our invoices to be legitimate, so clients gladly pay rather than question and scrutinize, we need accurate time data.
  3. In order to calculate potential revenue so we can forecast expenses and pay maximum salaries, we need accurate time data.
  4. Because time is our single most precious and non-renewable resource, we need to manage our time wisely.
  5. Because we are remote and cannot see what people are physically doing, we need to have indicators of our work and progress.

So, we need to track time. The good news is that every professional on the planet who serves clients and works by the hour needs to do the same thing. Think attorneys, architects, consultants, etc. The world needs a better way of tracking time, as easy as wearing a Fitbit on your wrist. So, if you can help us design and develop a more seamless, automatic, effortless way of tracking time then we can create a product around that, sell it, and become billionaires. If you don't like to track time because its a pain in the neck, help us build a better mouse trap, er better time tracker.

Currently, we use a combination of JIRA+Tempo to track time. Before you start a task, please start the timer. If you have a tendency to forget to turn off that timer, then keep a notepad next to you along with your to-do list. Every time you get up from your desk or switch tasks, jot down the start and stop times, then record that in JIRA. If you schedule a meeting with other people, along with the Zoom or Team meeting, please create a ticket (or find the appropriate ticket) and include that in your invite so everybody tracks time in the correct spot.

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