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Work from home (telecommuting) policy

Agileana is a remote, distributed company with its headquarters in Brambleton, Virginia, which is just outside of the Washington DC metro area. Employees are distributed across the United States and, in some cases, near shore. Every team member has the flexibility to work from wherever they are or want to be so long as they can maintain a professional workspace.

Employees must have access to broadband Internet, reliable power, and a private space to participate effectively in online meetings. Since our clients are mainly in Washington, DC, we adhere mostly to an Eastern Standard Timezone (EST). Your total compensation assumes that you take responsibility for the costs of working from home, while also benefiting from the cost savings of working from home.

Not everybody is mentally or psychologically prepared or equipped to work from home. Your workspace must be free of distractions and you must exercise self-discipline and self-control to focus on your work, stay on task, remain in constant contact with other team members, and be responsive.

Please see Telecommuting policy and our Travel, training, and technology budget for more details.

Leave Policy

Please see Company holidays and paid time off (PTO) for more details.

Training, travel, and technology budget

We encourage you to keep your technology up-to-date, improve your skills and abilities, participate in industry-related conferences, and meet up with other members of the team. Our 2021 travel, training, and technology budget is $1,200 per year. Depending on our priorities, we will deviate from this budget and send you to additional training and conferences. From time to time, we will satisfy make-a-wish requests for toys, technologies, and ergonomic improvements to your workspace. This usually happens when all team members are performing at a high velocity and profitability is high.

Please see Travel, training, and technology budget for more details.


Since we are mostly federal government contractors, we stick to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) federal holiday schedule. However, we will make some deviations such as shifting the President's Day holiday to the day after Thanksgiving so people can have a four-day travel weekend.

Please see Company holidays and paid time off (PTO) for more details.

Time tracking

Time tracking is important. Management thinker Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying “you cannot manage what you do not measure.” We agree. We also need past time data, tracked to tasks and epics, in order to provide more accurate estimates and proposals. We realize that nobody really loves time tracking, unless you are somebody like Tim Ferriss who tracks his life's data. And, we wish there were a way of tracking our time and tasks as easy as wearing a fitbit or Apple watch. So, if you can engineer an elegant way of subconsciously tracking your time, let's create an app and become billionaires. Every knowledge professional (attorney, architect, consultant, or IT professional) and server worker who works by the hour needs to track time. So, we expect you to accurately track your time and associate it with assigned tasks via JIRA or some other app that we choose.

Please see Time tracking for more details.

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