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addie wolcott
Addie Wolcott, Business Analyst

Current Job Title: Business Analyst

Work Anniversary: 03 Aug 2019

Bio: After two years of interning at Agileana, Addie took a role as a Business Analyst analyst in 2019. A detail-oriented person with a self-proclaimed knack for spreadsheets, Addie focuses on documentation, requirements, and discovery analysis at the beginning of projects. Addie also works on contractor onboarding and reviewing requirements with clients, often communicating between developers and clients about project requirements and how to meet those requirements. Before Agileana, Addie worked at a tech consulting firm and then a real estate investment firm; she likes the size of Agileana – a small company where she feels like her voice is valued.

Location: Nashville, TN




In 3 words:

  1. Organized
  2. Detail-oriented
  3. Driven

Outside of Work: Addie is currently nesting in Tennessee with her Fiance and loves playing their her dog River_ThePointer

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