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My work from home work station
My work from home work station

Agileana is a 100% remote company with team members distributed around America. We consider the opportunity to work remotely a privilege, a benefit, and a responsibility. It is important that you understand these concepts. Time zone: We work on East Coast time and observe U.S. Federal Holidays. Please see our Company holidays and paid time off (PTO) policy.

Focus: Working remotely requires trust, dedication, and focus. It is also important that you remain in touch with your team.

Communication: We normally use Slack for instant messaging but also have daily stand-ups and video conferencing. We recommend that you turn your camera on during our calls and video conferences. If you need to step away from your desk, please alert the team that you are stepping away and advise of your expected return time.

Time tracking: Tracking time is important for several reasons. For one, in order to provide good estimates in the future, we need to collect good data from past performance. We need this data. So, be sure to stop the timer on your Toggl account. Please be sure to track your time using the JIRA task management system. Because time is our single most previous, non-renewable resources, we have to manage our time wisely. Learn more about Time tracking.

Work station: It is important that you arrange your work environment to be free from distractions, noises, and other things that can prevent you from performing at your highest level. Ideally, you would have a dedicated room. Let your mates know when you have meetings, or set up some kind of signal to let them know when you need silence. If possible, do some soundproofing to reduce echo and ambient noice. Fabric is a great sound insulator. Please read my tips on The Ultimate Work-from-Home Remote Desktop Setup. Please also read about our Travel, training, and technology budget.

Responsibility: Working remotely is a huge responsibility. It requires trust, self-control, and transparency. Please don't abuse the telecommuting policy. Please read "Practical tips to make home-based telework as healthy, safe and effective as possible" by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) community.

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