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We’re always looking for passionate, friendly, dedicated people to join our team. So, thank you for being here.

Purpose driven company

Agileana is a company with an inspiring purpose. We exist to provide digital support services to like-minded organizations (universities, nonprofits, government agencies, associations) in support of their web, mobile, and digital operations. We are highly qualified experts in agile software development and web content management systems on a mission to provide best-in-class agile transformation, systems integration, managed services, and thought leadership to our clients in a fun, friendly, and methodical way.

We believe in providing good, honest, value to our clients by acting in good faith and building trust through transparency, competence, responsiveness and reliability. We also believe in fostering a positive workplace culture where team members can thrive. This means a healthy work/life balance, paid time off, a collaborative team effort that spreads the load equally, competitive salaries and compensation, flexible schedules, empathy, respect, servant leadership, and professionalism.

Lean and agile

Agileana is a small, agile, and lean team that works hard to deliver value to our clients, in a friendly and respectful working environment. For some people, being Agile means working around the clock. To us, Agile means being able to work at a sustainable pace indefinitely. Keeping you happy and engaged is essential to working at a healthy velocity. Sometimes this means taking personal time or having more flexibility in your schedule. Agile also means to build projects around motivated individuals.

We are also Lean, which denotes efficiency, waste reduction, competitive rates to our customers, and attractive compensation to our employees. The leaner we perform, the more efficient and productive we are, benefiting everybody in the long run.


The people at Agileana are friendly, kind, and funny. Sometimes we get together outside of work and support each other in our goals, both professional and personal. We believe that work should be fulfilling, uplifting, inspiring, and meaningful.

The company exists as much for the people who work in it as it does for the people and organizations we serve. For example, we have a flexible time-off policy - if you need time off in the middle of the day then take time off, but if you need to work then you work in the middle of the night then you work. This policy works because of our mutual trust, respect, and commitment towards each other, our clients, and our mission. 

We realize that salary, compensation, and benefits are a result of happy clients, so we strive to attract quality clients and keep them happy. We also realize that we all need to continue to grow and evolve and professionals.  We need new opportunities, challenges, skills, and time away to reflect and refocus. We are as much a team as we are friends, colleagues, and family. Agileana is a partnership where everybody thrives - as long as everybody is professional, takes responsibility, and has a giving attitude.

Team players

We rely on everybody to contribute as a high performing team member. We expect you to take responsibility, pay attention to detail, take initiative, and help everybody else on the team succeed. Everybody in this small, but mighty, company carries their weight and is generally running. That is kind of why we call our activities sprints. We sprint. Please expect to hit the ground running on day one. We have a selfless business philosophy and seek people who are selfless givers. The more you contribute to the team and the company, the more successful we will become, and the more everybody will be rewarded for their hard efforts, commitment, and dedication. We are purposely lean. Very little overhead. Because we are lean, we strive to pay competitive salaries and benefits.

Reliable partners

On your first day, you will meet with several co-workers so you can get a feel for the overall working culture. Your meeting agenda for the rest of your first day will involve training on organizational communications and productivity tools. During your first week, you will share some time with key team members, setting some initial goals so you can start making important contributions and feeling productive in your new role. If you ever need anything from anybody, don't be afraid to ask because we are all in this together. We look forward to a rewarding, long-term relationship. Thanks again for being part of our mission.

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