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Setting up your personal Zoom profile

  • Insert a headshot
  • Specify your job title and location
  • Set up your time zone
  • Use your work email address

Configuring your personal Meetings profile

  • Create at least one recurring meeting rather than unique meeting IDs
  • Under Security, check Waiting Room only if you use the same meeting ID for back to back meetings
  • Under Security, check Passcode is optional (unless it is with a government client)
  • Under Video, toggle on Host and Participant
  • Under Meeting Options, check Automatically record meeting (and then turn off once meeting has started if a recording is not necessary)


  • It is preferred that you turn your video on. Since we are a remotely distributed company, video meetings help develop closeness between team members and the nonverbal clues and expressions help us understand each other's better.
  • Think about soundproofing your room so there is less echo and noise distractions. Fabric makes good soundproofing, so closets are nice. There are also acoustic panels that you can get to help deaden ambient noise and keep your conversations in the room.
  • Think about blurring your background so there are fewer visual distractions.
  • Avoid backlight. Ideally, you should be facing a window and avoid having your back to a bright window. If you have a window, close the blinds or curtains and put up a light in front of you to brighten your face.
  • Try to raise your video camera so you are not looking down at the camera. Ideally, the camera should be at or about your face level.

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